Shared ip user's seeding solution discussion.
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09/10/2020 09:03:12
(2 weeks ago)
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Bro, I think that I have got an idea for the shared ip users to seed. CrazyHD can give a high speed server. Whenever a shared ip user wants to download anything, then another shared ip user will upload it but the file will go to the server. The server then will be a mediator for the file. Then the person who is downloading it, he will take it from the server. Another way can be done but without any server. The uploader will get connected to real ip user. The real ip user will be the mediator then. He will take the file from the uploader and pass it to the downloader. For this, the real ip user will get some point. But when there's no real ip user is free in that time, then the server will work as a mediator. As a result, every shared ip user can seed as like a real ip user. What do you think about this idea guys? Please let me know! smile1.gif

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13/10/2020 15:54:03
(1 week ago)
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Can you even imagine how much overcrowded the server will be?

About one year ago another local torrent site did it. One of the Admins bought a 48TB server & the server got filled within few days. So he couldn't continue with project much longer.