We who HATE Hit & Run users and Chea
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28/02/2020 02:02:26
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Here we will gather to express WHY just WE ALL,  HATES these kind of users.

I will get us started...

Here are my reasons:

1. Why do they think they are so special that they come here any just feel the right to *censored* a nice tracker without helping its existance?

2. Why do they think they are "special" so that they can just grab things FOR FREE and give nothing back?

4. On top of all many have dupe accounts so they *censored* the tracker with several and keep one barely alive to buy themselves invites to create even more dupes.

5. Why do I pay 220 euro per month for my seedboxes because i have a continence while these "people" jumps on, downloads and disconnects.

6. Why do I and many others sit here encoding/ripping/remuxing to provide content for the tracker and they just feel the right to take it for free.

I say HARDER punishment for these people which IMO are worse that account traders etc. Account traders and sellers they Do fight for their ratio so that the source wont get banned, but these blood*censored*ing s*censored*bags they STEAL and ABUSE.

All who agree with me, type "AGREED" and please fill out reasons why YOU hate them. AND what we can do to stop them.

To stop them:

1. Implement avarage seedtime bonus = The longer you seed a torrent, the more BON it will generate. For example:

Torrent bla bla bla - 20Gb size seeded for 3 days --->  gives 0.3 BON per hour ---> after 2 weeks gives 0.6 BON per hour and rising until capped set by staff.

Also since space is prob for many:

Torrent bla bla bla - 40Gb size = 0.5 BON per hour
Torrent blu blu blu - 80Gb size = 0.8 BON per hour

This will keep people seeding to get BON and will help seeders that seed big torrents. Otherwise you just download 100 tiny torrents and get alot of BON while other poor people thing for ex big remuxes should stay alive dont get nothing because their 3 remuxes takes same space as someone others 300 donald duck episodes.

So come on and agree and/or come with ideas how to get these thiefs off the tracker

The Always...

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