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:::: Torrent Upload Rules ::::
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::::: Torrent Upload Rules for All Users & Staffs :::::

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::: How to Upload Torrent:::

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::::: Basic Upload Rules :::::

1. Duplicates: Do not re-upload the same torrent that is already in CrazyHD with active seeder. Search using the search field, at the top right corner of the homepage.
2. Use of any external tracker is forbidden. While creating a new torrent make sure it does not contain any other private trackers except CrazyHD's.
3. All torrents must be created as private with DHT disabled. Torrents not marked as private will not be approved.
4. Do not upload junk contents. Junk torrents are: Single MP3 file, Low Quality Music Videos, etc., (size less than 30 MB)
5. Do not add any kind of adverti*censored*t and external link in your torrent description
6. ShoutBox: Do not Spam(requesting torrents, asking for approval). Don't use "Bangla font" in Shoutbox

:::::Minimum Upload Requirements:::::

1. Movie, TV Series and Anime: [3 Screenshots, Poster, IMDb (if available) and Media Info]
2. Music Video: [3 Screenshots, Poster, Media Info]
3. Music Audio: [Poster, Songs Details, Media Info]
4. Games: [Games poster, 3 Screenshots, Minimum & Recommended (if available) Hardware/System Requirements]
5. Software: [3 Screenshots, Poster, Software Details, Installation process and Hardware/System requirement]
6. Tutorials: [Tutorial Details (brief note about the tutorial and contents), 3 Screenshots, Poster, Media Info]
7. Book: [3 Screenshots from pages, Poster, brief note on that book]
8. Other Videos: [3 Screenshots, Poster, Media Info, brief note about content]

:::::Rules related to the Titles & Tags:::::

1. Use correct name in torrent title & in original file name. Do not rename the original filename and title with your name or any other name. Files & Title name like jhdsjhdsj.avi, jhjh.mkv, dsdsd.mp4 will be deleted. Avoid ".com" from torrent title/file name.

2. Put Releasers/Ripper names in torrent title for movies and TV Series. If you ripped the media yourself, you can put your name in Title, but must provide information as proof in description field (Source File name, Source file size, etc.).

=> Ripper Examples:
-- Bollywood: DDR, DRs, TMG, TNT, Telly, M2Tv, EXD, DUS, etc.
-- Hollywood: EVO, RARBG, ETRG, YIFY, Shaanig, Ganool, etc.

=> Title Example: Think Like a Man (2012) BluRay 720p x264 Ganool

3. Write your torrent title using English alphabet only. Do not use alphabet of any other languages but English in the title.

=> To know more about how to write a proper title you can follow the forum post: CLICK HERE to see the forum post

:::::Rules related to Screenshots:::::

1. Take screenshots in proper way. Take image and remember to put at-least 3 screenshots.
2. You can upload your image to and post only BBCODE in torrent description (recommended)
3. The video file resolution and screenshot resolution must be the same.

***Note: Don't use printscreen, snipping tool, lightshot or any other third party tools to take screenshots (SS).
You can use the following player and shortcuts -
Media Player Classic: Alt + I (recommended),
KMPlayer: Ctrl + A,  
PotPlayer: Ctrl + E,
GOM Player: Ctrl + G,
VLC: Shift + S (not recommended)

:::::Rules related to Media Info:::::

1. Don't take screenshot of that media info and post screenshot. Post the whole text info.
2. Make sure to add full media information. Audio & Video Details with bit-rate along with General part.

***Note: Use Media Info software (recommended) to fetch media info which can be found here:

:::::Upload Rules for Movie, TV/WEB Series, Anime and other Videos:::::

1. For CamRIP/PreDVDScr/DVDScr:
=>Minimum resolution allowed is 720p but in most cases for new movies you won't find copies within this minimum resolution. So, for those movies we can consider the width size only, means it doesn't have to be pure 720p copy.

=>If the print seems significantly better than the previous one, then we allow them even for the same source. If someone uploads same file/source from different/same rippers then the copy will be deleted instantly.

** ''Line Audio/HQ Audio is only allowed to upload for PreDVD/Cam version.

2. For PreDVDRip/DVDRip/HDRip/WEB-DL/BluRay: Minimum Resolution allowed is 720p.

3. For Dubbed and Dual Audio:
=>For dubbed Movies/TV Series: Acceptable Audio will be AC3 5.1 or DD5.1 in 1080p x264 & x265 format of WEB-DL n BluRay (WEBRip is also allowed if the video codec is x265).

=>For Dual Audio Movies/TV Series: Acceptable Audio will be 2 copy DD (AC-3) 5.1 or, AC-3+6 Channel in 1080p x264 & x265 format of WEB-DL n BluRay (WEBRip is also allowed if the video codec is x265). And. if anyone upload x265 first then no more x264 Copy is allowed.

=>For Anime content:  WEBRip (x264 codec) is allowed to upload as a season pack with 2 channels audio. Same rule is applied for dual audio/dubbed anime content. 720p dual audio/dubbed anime content is allowed to upload as well.

***No Dual Audios are allowed if content with single original Audio already uploaded. But, there are some exceptions >> 1. Original Audio is English, Dual Audio Eng+Hindi are allowed. 2. Original Audio is Hindi, Dual Audio Eng+Hindi are not allowed

*** If single audio (original audio) is already there with active seeders, dual audio/dubbed copy must be of the same video  quality (single audio highest video quality available on site) or higher video  quality, otherwise it will not be approved.

***YouTube copy of ''Dual Audio/Dubbed'' is not allowed to upload.

4. Title of torrents should be clean. Try to keep them as much cleanly as possible.
Example: Think Like a Man 2012 BluRay 720p x264 Ganool

***(18+, Adult, Super Release, Adult Content, Hot Release, Exclusive content, etc. - these are not International Standards. Please avoid them)

5. If WEB-DL is available then no HDRIP/WEBRIP/WEB will be allowed. But, if the WEBRip content is of x265 codec then we'll allow them (when the available WEB-DL copy contains x264 codec).

6. Only One Supercut/Extended copy will be allowed and the allowed format will be 1080p.

7. Only One 4K (2160p) in WEBRIP/WEB-DL or BluRay and Only One 3D BLURAY copy will be allowed to upload per movie. No further copy will be allowed.

*** The format of 4K could be x264/x265(HEVC).
*** There will be no file size limit but you are highly recommended to upload the minimal copy.
***Self-encoded local encodes of 4k (2160p) copies are not allowed to upload.

8. ''HEVC x265 is allowed for all formats after x264 uploaded (However if you could manage to upload them before x264 Codec, x264 files will not be allowed later).

9. HEVC is allowed to upload for single TV episodes as well.

10. For Old TV or Newly Dubbed Series: Single Episodes are not allowed to Upload, wait for the ''Full Season'' to upload them.

***Single Episodes are allowed to upload only for ongoing TV SERIES.
***Only 1 copy of 720p HDTV/WEB-HD/WEBRIP/WEB-DL & 1 copy of 1080p WEB-DL/WEB format is allowed for those single episodes.
*** For WWE/UFC 480p or 720p any one copy of HDTV/WEBHD is allowed to Upload. And 1080p copy only WEB source is allowed (however if WEB source is not available we will allow HDTV also).

11. For a Full Series Pack/Complete Season: Only WEB-DL (720p & 1080p), WEBRip (x265 codec only in 720p & 1080p) and BluRay (720p & 1080p) format is allowed to Upload. However if WEB-DL release is not available on net in that case WEB content is allowed (rare case).

* If a Series is Completed/Finished Like this then no Season by Season Upload is allowed. Same Rules are for Anime Series.

12. For Popular Award Shows both HDTV (720p n 1080p) and WEB/WEBDL (720p n 1080p) copies are allowed to upload.

13. For DOCUMENTARY content: HDTV/WEB-DL any format is allowed in 1080p resolution. Only popular DOCUMENTARIES will be allowed in our server in 4k format (Staff Moderators and Moderators will define the popularity based on IMDb rating and will never be less than IMDb-7.5).

14. Flizz/GlamHeat/Hotshots/Actress short video/Short Video etc., type contents are BANNED from our server. Reason: adult p*rn. Besides, if we see any p*rn contents are uploaded in any Category, we will DELETE the file.

15. Rules related to HEVC: Check this image- and always follow it before uploading here.

16. Important thing about HEVC upload is always x265 file should be lesser in size compare to x264 Codec otherwise HEVC file is not going to be allowed.

:::::Contents that are not allowed:::::

1. No IT Bari Tutorials are allowed to upload in our site (admin's order).

2. Video streaming platform CHORKI content is not allowed to upload. It’s an admin's order.

3. MLSBD, ULLU and BONSAIHD contents are not allowed.

4. Making a Pack of a running TV Series is not allowed and a single episode of a COMPLETED TV Series is also not allowed.

5. Bangladeshi and India-Bangladesh Joint Production Movies (which were released after 2015) are not allowed to upload in our server to support Our Bangladesh Film Industry and to stay away from Piracy Issue.

6.Unrated Games are not allowed to upload

7.Remux File no longer allow until further notice

8. Rar/Zipped files are not allowed to upload except Books

9. About file size for Movies only: Above 6.00GB movie content is not allowed to upload (Bluray/Webdl/HDrip/Dual Audio) for 720p/1080p resolution. However it’s exceptional for popular & hyper contents case (you need to take permission from SM in this rare case). Above 6.00GB rules is excluded for 4K & 3D movies. For 4K & 3D movies, there is no size limits but you are highly recommended to upload the minimal copy.

***This rule will also be applicable on every single movie when you are uploading a Movie Pack

10.Movie Pack/Series Pack: If you upload movie pack/tv series, make sure that each movie is from the same source and has the same resolution, video quality and codec. As example: don't mix-up BRRIP & Cam/DVDSCr or Bluray & Web-DL or x264 & x265 in movie pack. Same goes for Series pack. Don't add these in title: Awesome Movie, New Movies, Must Watch!! Always avoid these types of naming.

11.10 minute school contents are not allowed to upload here

:::::Upload Rules for Games & Softwares:::::

1. You can upload ISO file for Games & windows operating system software only.

2. If you upload Software/Games, make sure it doesn’t contains any virus. If it is reported then your torrent will be deleted.


Q. Who can upload torrents on the site?
=> Any registered users can upload torrents on the site

Q. Can I upload my own encoding content on the site?
=> We do not care local encoding. However, if your encoded file quality is good and not available on site, you can upload the content. In this case, put your user id name in the title and must provide information as proof in description field (Source File name, Source file size, etc.).

Q. Can I share the files on other torrenting sites which I downloaded from this site?
=> We have some internal encoder. Sharing their encoded files to anywhere else is completely forbidden.

Q. Where to see the internal encoder list of the site?
=> CLICK HERE to find our internal encoder list.

Q. How long it takes to be approved after uploading a torrent?
=> We have a dedicated staff team. Our staff members usually moderate the uploaded torrent as soon as you upload. But it may take times as well depending on the queue list of the unmoderated torrents. So if it takes a bit long time please have patience and do not write to helpdesk for approval. However, if it takes 24 hours and more, you can write to helpdesk.

Q. Where should I contact for freeleech?
=> If your torrent content is bigger than 10 GB, it will get 50% freeleech and if the file size is bigger than 20 GB, it will get a 100% freeleech. Normally our staff members arrange everything to make torrents freeleech which are bigger in size. But if you find your file is not made freeleech, you can write to helpdesk for freeleech or PM to any of our Moderators/SMs.

:::::Rules Related to Requests Fill-up:::::

Don't fill requests with fake link or others’ upload link. Fill the request only if you uploaded that torrent.

Note: The rule can be changed anytime and we will update it here

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