How I Meet Girls On Facebook
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I’ve been wanting to get down to the essentials of what it takes to meet women on Facebook. I’ve spent the last year really hitting the social networking sites hard using a trial and error approach. There are many ways that work, but this method works the most consistent. I get the majority of my dates this way now because it’s easy and time efficient.
How To Meet Girls On Facebook: The Friend Building Phase

Before you can start PIMPING your Facebook account, you should understand a few things first. You should realize that this technique takes advantage of your current friends and acquaintances. I’ve actually found this scouting technique works really well with friends OF friends that you’ve met once or twice. I dip into the best friends pool sometimes, but using this technique exclusively on your friends limits its potential and scalability.

You need to go out an actively build your friends on Facebook. Everyone you meet in a decent passing conversation you say, “You gotta be on Facebook right?” “Ok then, whats your last name, I’ll add ya!” Then you add them. This is just like building rapport with women. You want to build on commonalities, so they remember you when you add them and you can use that social equity when you get them to set you up. People will accept 99% of the time. You want to do this with women, especially an ugly or not your type of woman, but not men (straight men). Men are protective over women in their network, even if they don’t know them well. Chances are that the guy is trying to seduce her anyway, so why would he want you as competition? The only guys of seen this work on are the really uber-social, that are friends with EVERYONE and never hook up. =)
How To Meet Girls on Facebook: The Rapport Building Phase

Once you’ve added these people, try and remain decent friends. About a week after adding them as friends, comment on a photo, post on their wall, saying stuff like, “What did you do in Thailand?” or “Nice beach. You guys must of RIPPED those waves up!” Just don’t come across as creepy or annoying. Just play it relaxed and sociable.
How To Meet Girls on Facebook: The Searching Phase

Now you’ve built some sort of rapport with your friends. Make sure you keep it relaxed and friendly. People love this. Next, this could take some time. Go through your friends Photos, usually not Photo Albums. Go through Photos were they are tagged. This usually means they are in a social environment and you have a better chance of finding women quicker. You need to do a little investigative work, but you should determine quickly if the women that you see with her are married/single/in a relationship. Once you have determined that…
How To Meet Girls on Facebook: The Messaging & Connecting

This step is crucial, but fairly simple. Message (don’t write on their wall) your friend this, “[Friends Name], you gotta set me up with that [NAME] girl! Tell her you’ve got a cool friend to set her up with”. They would say, “Yeah, I can. Come around and meet her.” This is fine, but if you want her phone number quicker. “Just get her to check out my profile and ask her if she doesn’t mind you giving me her number to call her!” This is a softening request that I’ve never had not work. Sometimes your friend would say, “Oh, shes taken.” or “Oh, every guy asks about her.” Then say, “Thats fine, you gotta set me up with someone though. Your friends are cute”. She will say, “Have a look at some photos and let me know” or typically, “What about my friend [NAME]?” You can be honest, say, “Oh yeah. Nice. Get me her number.” or, “I’m more of a [QUALITY (hair color, personality type)] type of guy.”

IMPORTANT: If you already have this friends number, you don’t have to message them on Facebook. You can just text them.

Once you have her number. I usually text first. Say, “This is [NAME], [FRIEND]‘s friend. Is it true what they say about [QUALITY]?

Then flirt away before meeting up.
How To Meet Girls on Facebook: Conclusion

That’s how to meet women on Facebook.

This is one of the best ways to meet women, because you already have a level of social proof, and you can see what women look like so it’s better than a blind date with minimal effort. I also don’t think it’s needy or supplicating by asking to be setup with women. If anything, it shows how masculine you truly are because of the mindset of the “prize”. Women already know men want women, by ignoring that fact you make yourself look feminine. The trick is to follow this with power and focus. Women should be with you and by setting you up with her friend, she’s doing her friend a favor.

This method however doesn’t alleviate a bad Facebook profile. If you enjoyed this post, or maybe even probably wanted more information but didn’t get it, you should check out Dave M’s Inside Internet Dating (my review). It’s got everything you’ll ever want to know about meeting women online, from online dating sites to Facebook. Check it out.