How to date hot girls with facebook
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How To Pick-up Girls With Facebook / Facebook Dating

Unless  you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you will more than likely have tested the social networking giant

For many, it is a complete waste of time, for others it is a serious business tool… but can it be used as a dating tool to meet girls?

In the name of science and research I aim to find the answer, and what’s more, I am confident that this experiment is a great way of mastering the basics of marketing, perceived authority, copywriting, and promotion.

If you want to join in at home, I will go through my techniques in stages, so you can follow along at your own pace. You will need the following ingredients:

* A computer

* A free account

* An Internet Connection

* A Camera

* An Inner Devil

Ok, so let’s get started with Stage One…
Niche Research

Like any good business or marketing process, we start with the research. With Facebook this can help save us time, increase our response conversions, and generally increase our chances of success.

Here is my technique…

Make a list of all towns and cities within 15 miles from your home. Then go to Facebook and type them into the search box.

Location is the main criteria, afterall, there is little point in meeting people who live in a cave in Botswana.

So for example, I live near Wilmslow and Alderley Edge, two small, upmarket towns a few minutes from my appartment. Here, you want to look for groups that are associated with things like: Singles, dating, drinking, socialising, and meeting new people.

Here is one I found:

A drinking society… a perfect start to my research.

I also found and joined the following groups:

“Singles In Manchester”

“Prestbury Appreciation Society”

“I’m From Cheshire, Therefore I Have a Higher Social Status Than You”

The “singles in Manchester” is a perfect match, as it combines people who are single, with people nearby.

You want to find at least 3-5 of these groups, and join them all.

TIP: I personally don’t have an issue with this, but if you are a bit embarrassed about people seeing that you have joined these groups, you can either create a fake account, or go to your profile and delete those updates.
Preparing Your Profile

Once you have joined a few groups, it is now time to ensure your Facebook profile is up to scratch.

Most important is your profile photo, like it or not, this is what most people are going to base their decisions on. I generally avoid the camera like the plague, but I managed to find a half-decent photo to use as my profile pic (see below)

dean hunt

The only downside to this photo was the fact that I was wearing a man-bag at the time (yikes).

I can’t stress how important this photo is, if you really don’t want people seeing your image, use a group photo with your friends, or put up a fake photo. If you are serious about this, it may even be worth getting professionally shot photos, you can get a set for under $200 and they can be used in many other areas as well.

Once you have your *censored*y photo, you need to add some profile information… the key here is to give some details but not too many, and be cheeky or funny, but not too much.

In other words, you want to portray enough to ensure people think you are interesting, but not too much so that they think you are some crazy madman.

With your Movies, Music, and Hobbies, list the main ones, but there is no need to go into great detail.

Ok, you are now set and ready to go… in the next chapter I will explain a method of contacting girls without seeming like a weird creep. I will also share with you some recent examples that have worked well for me.

Note: If you have any friends who use Facebook, send them to this post, the more the merrier.

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The Facebook phenomenon has allowed you to reconnect with your best friend from elementary school, keep up with your buddy’s travels and get out of hours-long phone conversations with your aunt. It truly is a remarkable tool. However, as with most things, there is a dark side to Facebook. While your male brain may not have tapped in to the full manipulation potential of this seemingly innocuous social networking tool, chances are several of the women you know have. Women are trained in the art of creating, maintaining and controlling relationships, and Facebook is just one more resource they can use to keep tabs on and influence people. Here's a list of some crazy things women do on facebook.
Women set up fake profiles to follow exes on Facebook
This one may seem a bit extreme, but it is certainly not unheard-of for a woman to set up a fake Facebook persona in order to creep on her ex’s profile. At the very least, she might get a mutual friend to allow her a little access to an ex’s Facebook page. Whether you broke up badly or it was mostly mutual, if you don’t keep in touch, she probably wants to know what you’re up to. Instead of calling or e-mailing you, it’s easier and less embarrassing to scope out your profile while you are blissfully unaware that she is checking up on you. If you want to prevent this from happening, don’t add any strangers to your friends list. If you have a friend you know is still in touch with her, keep your interactions limited.
Women manipulate through Facebook photos
The photos a woman posts on her profile can be innocent -- or they can be totally manipulative. Another crazy thing women do on Facebook is to put up embarrassing or compromising photos of people that have gotten on her bad side. When a guy breaks up with a girl and the next day photos of him in one of her dresses hit her profile, it’s not only vindictive, but also pretty immature.

A woman might also use her Facebook photo albums to present an image of herself that doesn’t exactly match up to reality. In her photos she might appear more *censored*y, more adventurous and altogether more exciting than she is in real life.
Women post passive-aggressive Facebook status updates
The Facebook status update can share big news with your friends or the mundane activities of your day, but for some women they can also serve an emotionally manipulative purpose. Whether it’s because she hates confrontation or she just wants the world to know what a jerk her boyfriend is, some women use their status updates to air complaints about their relationship instead of sitting down and talking it out directly. For example: “Valerie visited the jewelery store and is tired of waiting!!!!” could be a not-so-subtle clue that she doesn’t want to wait for that engagement ring much longer. Post-breakup, a woman might post status updates that hint at a crazy social life: “Melanie is exhausted from a crazy night!” or “Jessica is having a great day,” are both the types of messages that say a lot more when they come right after a big breakup.